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Eco Friendly Laundromat with Ozone Laundry System

Speed Coin Laundry is equipped with the latest technology to get your clothes clean and sanitized. Ozone is a powerful cleanser and oxidant, so it washes your clothes amazingly well with much less detergent, and in cooler temperatures. Our ozone laundry system washes your clothes and it cleans the washer itself so that the washer is automatically sanitized between washes. This type of eco laundry is great for you and the environment as it uses less detergent creating less plastic waste. Using less hot water also makes us an eco friendly laundromat.

Ozone laundry disinfection kills things such as bacteria, fungi and live viruses on your clothing. It is actually more effective then bleach. So if you want your clothes to be as clean as they can be, try our ozone laundry because it is beneficial to you and eco washing is great for the environment.